In dressage sport, you can’t get past the name Balkenhol. Anabel, Klaus and the team at the farm have been ensuring continuous success in equestrian sport for years as a family business. Either in the saddle themselves, as trainers of the professional athletes or in the horse training of the next talents for the big arena. In all facets of daily work, the focus is on horse-friendly execution. This way of training and handling can be summarized under the title “Balkenhol philosophy”.

The designed redesign now reflects exactly this quality of work. Due to the ever-growing performance areas, it is no longer just Anabel and Klaus Balkenhol who are the focus of attention. The two masterful athletes in the spotlight, together with the family business and the associated team of grooms and riders, have created a unified brand – Team Balkenhol.

The new appearance of the team preserves the traditional and the familiar and is complemented by modern aspects. For example, we pick up color tones from the stables and a mix of classic serif typeface and modern sans perfectly complements the new design.

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