Advertise with XING Marketing Solutions. This slogan is all about reaching a broad target group and integrating XING Marketing Solutions products into the marketing mix. We’re talking about agencies, marketers and departments in corporate groups that can use XING to place their messages and advertisements.

A large photo shoot was organized for the campaign and the results were then translated into a design language. Slogans and graphics round out the campaign, which is incredibly flexible to use in the digital realm. Our photographic style helps to tell the story of our users, the heroes of their own work-life journeys. XING has over 20 million users, and we show them in all their diversity. Our imagery should always make a story more emotional, provide a meaningful context, and stay true to XING’s design guidelines.

Concept & Realization: inuit GmbH
Photo: Franziska Evers
Models: Exit Models/Privat
Styling & Setting: Joana Claro
Location: inuit GmbH

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