With many years of know-how and a lean organizational structure, DIE AG develops large-volume real estate projects ranging from residential construction and state-of-the-art office complexes to the design of entire urban quarters. Particular emphasis is placed on comprehensive, economically, ecologically and socially sustainable solutions.

This includes the Behrens-Ufer project in Berlin with the well-known Peter-Behrens-Bau. Buildings with history meet new construction plans that shape Berlin’s future. The interplay of looking back and looking forward form the two pillars that run through the entire concept. The spaces of the past are to be used for the future. The history on the entire Behrens-Ufer building site is playfully elevated into a modern impression through the choice of typography. Styles from different eras are mixed with modern elements.
In this assignment, the biggest challenge was to modernize an existing corporate design and derive social media postings from it that represent both DIE AG and Behrens-Ufer.

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